Insecure's Season 2 Finale Turned Everyone on Twitter Into an Emotional Wreck

I don't know about you, but I'm still trying to recover from Insecure's season two finale, "Hella Perspective." After the dramatic, explosive moments in the penultimate episode, "Hella Disrespectful," I was expecting the eighth episode to tie up loose ends. Instead, Issa Rae decided to throw an emotional curve ball by hitting us with some raw, real moments for Issa, Lawrence, and Molly. Mistakes are made (really, Molly? Back with Dro?), closure between a former couple is finally achieved, and a fake proposal and marriage montage is straight up gut-wrenching. Suffice it to say, the finale had people on Twitter (as well as yours truly) deep, deep in their feelings.

#InsecureHBO that kitchen closure scene was so real and raw. Hit me in emotional places I had completely forgotten about....

— Haathchalakhi (@raatkirani24) September 11, 2017

This #InsecureHBO finale is probably not the ending we all wanted...But it's the ending we all deserve. This is real life on TV.

— SQH 👑✌🌺 (@ShayShayTheGr8) September 11, 2017

Due North is a Tyler Perry original series for OWN #InsecureHBO

— Hella Fat ♉ (@D0wJ0nEs) September 11, 2017

When Lawrence FINALLY apologized for his part 👍👍#InsecureHBO

— Angie (@NgelinaBalerina) September 11, 2017

Sitting here stuck. #InsecureHBO

— wildflower. (@asiadoesit) September 11, 2017

#InsecureHBO is like #GameofThrones, but instead of your faves dying, it's your hopes for Issa & Molly to get their shit together #Insecurr

— Meki Pierre (@mekipierre) September 11, 2017

OK now Lawrence cooking and running marathons... talk about a glow up #InsecureHBO

— Perri Konecky (@perrikon) September 11, 2017

Why is molly the Queen of bad decisions? #InsecureHBO

— Pika Pika (@the_snog_box) September 11, 2017

Wowwwww This How We Doing This Episode Issa? #InsecureHBO

— Queen (@ReesyRenee) September 11, 2017

Hennssey leads to bad choices #InsecureHBO

— Jazz D. (@Jazzey2788) September 11, 2017

Well that was a cliffhanger. #InsecureHBO

— HYM8ANZ (@_QuitaBee) September 11, 2017

The post-breakup, "I still love you" "I still love you too" walk away as still broken up adults convo was too real #InsecureHBO

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) September 11, 2017

Shout out to Kelli in Season 2:
•Found a man
•Lost a lot of weight healthily
•Kept her friends
•& gave us this legendary gif😂#InsecureHBO

— BlackGirlsYouTubeToo (@JuicyLorr) September 11, 2017

Damn, Molly. Your therapist said to turn the should into could. She didn't say hop on the wood. #InsecureHBO

— Hendrix Monae (@Chrissy1002) September 11, 2017

Somehow Kelly is the most stable character on #InsecureHBO

— YoungProblematicBae (@DB_theGreat) September 11, 2017

my heart was in my throat, y'all didn't need to do this to us #InsecureHBO

— namaslay ✨ (@jawnlegend_) September 11, 2017

Well, at least Issa and Lawrence had a HEALTHY and HONEST conversation, and for that, I'm grateful. #InsecureHBO

— HeyJackei Beauty (@heyjackei) September 11, 2017

When Molly opened up that door, Dro was waiting there like #InsecureHBO

— Man$ Not Hot (@NaijaMane) September 11, 2017