The Best Moment of the Game of Thrones Finale Came Straight Outta Winterfell

The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season seven.

"Ding dong, the Littlefinger is dead!" doesn't exactly have a ring to it, but you can bet that Game of Thrones fans worldwide are singing it following the show's gripping season seven finale. After waiting more than six years to see the manipulative head of House Baelish meet his end, it has finally happened — and at the hands of the Stark children while begging on his knees, no less. It's poetic! It's bloody! And oh man, did it elicit an avalanche of hilariously accurate audience responses.

You'll find yourself interrupting your joyful celebrations to say "That's me!" while reading these reactions. Not enough? Then relive the entire episode and catch up on theories for what's next.