Scandal Aired Its Last Episode EVER, and Now We Can't Stop Hyperventilating

A few BIG spoilers for the series finale of Scandal below — FYI!

Lovers of liberty, the final episode of Scandal aired on Thursday night, and it's a doozy. Shonda Rhimes's iconic series packs a ton of drama into its last hour, and we're honestly still having trouble getting our emotions in order. Where do we even begin? Between everyone testifying about B613, Mellie and Marcus getting together, Quinn and Charlie getting married, Olivia and Fitz getting it on, David's brutal death (HOW DARE YOU, CYRUS), and Cyrus getting away with said death (HOW DARE YOU, SHONDA) . . . "Over the Cliff" is just so, so much to take in.

That being said, we have to give it up for the series — Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has forever changed the landscape of TV as we know it, especially for women of color, and for that we're incredibly grateful. Scandal might be over, but our love for red wine, popcorn, and top-secret government espionage burns eternal. Fortunately we're not alone, because the finale had just about everyone on Twitter in tears (both happy and sad).

Read on to see the best reactions, and feel free to reminisce about Olivia and Fitz's steamiest sex scenes to help you through this difficult time (we won't judge).