ICYMI, Tan France Became the Most Relatable Member of the Fab 5 in Queer Eye Season 2

The following contains spoilers for season two of Netflix's Queer Eye.

We all need somebody in our lives who will give it to us straight. On Queer Eye, that member of the Fab Five is definitely style coach Tan France, who isn't afraid to rip a person's wardrobe to shreds — sometimes literally — before helping them French tuck their way into genuine fashion sense.

When it comes to brutal honesty, Tan France's advice isn't restricted to fashion. During season two, he harshly shuts down white privilege, gets real about physical fitness, and might even make you question the necessity of marriage proposals.

Read on for some of the funniest reactions to his best moments in Queer Eye's second season, and you'll start asking yourself W.W.T.F.D? ("What would Tan France do?") in times of trouble. When in doubt, French tuck it out!