A Beloved Character Died on Will and Grace, and Now Fans Can't Stop Crying

Spoilers for Will & Grace below!

Typically sitting down to watch Will & Grace on a Thursday night leaves us crying from laughter, but the most recent episode was a totally different story. After teasing the return of Karen's longtime maid Rosario (Shelley Morrison) in "Rosario's Quinceanera," we had to say a tearful goodbye after the beloved character suffers a heart attack. Before she passes, though, Karen promises Rosario that once she leaves the hospital, she'll throw her a quinceanera since Rosario's mother never did.

Unfortunately, Rosario never makes it out of the hospital, but Karen fulfills her old sidekick's wish by decking out her funeral like a quinceanera. Once she drowns the better part of her sorrows at a bar, Karen comes to the funeral and delivers a seriously emotional monologue in honor of Rosario that had everyone bawling. "Sorry I wasn't here, but come on, what the hell was I going to say?" Karen said. "She was my maid. She was my sparring partner. She was my best friend. You were my everything, Rosario Yolanda Salazar."

Naturally, Twitter had some thoughts.

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