We Have Mixed Feelings on Euphoria's Rue and Jules Being More Than Friends — Here's Why

Warning: We've got spoilers for Euphoria ahead!

So it finally happened — on the latest episode of Euphoria, it appears that Jules has realized that she's deserving of love, which toxic men like "DominantDaddy" Cal will never give her (and that Rue actually can). After Jules met up with Shyguy118 the night of the carnival (the online crush that actually turned out to be Cal's jerk jock son, Nate), she went to Rue's for comfort. Despite the fact that the two friends had just agreed a few hours earlier not to mention Rue's awkward attempted kiss again, Jules ended up in Rue's bed (as usual) and the episode ended with the two in a passionate lip lock. Rue and Jules fans, rejoice!

Rather than Rue's unprovoked kiss from before, this kiss was consensual and an act of mutual affection, which felt way more comfortable (and totally romantic as the music swells). But now we must ask: is this a good idea? As the scene segued into a montage of the two teens and their growing friendship, viewers are reminded of just how much the two mean to each other and how necessary the relationship is for them both. Will a developing romantic relationship bring them closer together, or will it ruin the special bond they share?

What made Jules so excited about Tyler (i.e. Shyguy118) was the prospect of having a real, romantic relationship, something that went beyond just a loveless (and often violent) hookup with an older man in a motel room. It's clear that Jules struggles to trust, especially after the beginning of the episode explores Jules's memory of her mother admitting her into a facility due to her starting to identify as a female. Jules has learned to trust Rue, but Rue is still struggling to trust herself. Though it's possible that Rue will turn back to drugs and betray herself (and her loved ones, which now includes Jules), it's possible that a romantic relationship with Jules will actually save her.