Do Yourself a Favor, and Watch This Hilarious Video of Ryan Reynolds Apologizing to David Beckham

Ryan Reynolds is known for his love of trolling people on the internet, and we weren't exactly surprised when he joked about David Beckham's voice in the first Deadpool film. As he is continuing to promote Deadpool 2, the 41-year-old actor has now come up with a hilarious apology, which he of course shared on social media.

In the short Instagram video, we can see David watching the Deadpool clip where he is being made fun of, looking visibly upset. After having received a text that reads, "I'm sorry, please forgive me," the Brit is then disturbed by none other than the antihero, who shows up at his door with a glass of milk and cookies, balloons, a mariachi band, and tickets to a soccer game.

As the two stars finally hug and make up, Ryan compliments David on smelling "amazing, like cinnamon and manhood," and the only question we have is how did we not know about their friendship? Watch the hilarious video below, and read on for adorable pictures of Ryan Reynolds hanging out with the Beckham clan.

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