Ryan Reynolds Trolls Pokémon Fans With a Full Movie "Leak" of Detective Pikachu

We're only days away from the premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and the full movie has already been leaked. The voice of Pikachu himself, Ryan Reynolds, alerted fans and Warner Bros. when he retweeted the link to the leaked screener posted to YouTube under the channel "Inspector Pikachu."

Fair warning, the video probably isn't the Pokémon film that folks are expecting, since it's just a grainy looped clip of Pikachu — wearing his deerstalker cap like a true detective — dancing adorably for a full hour and 42 minutes. Congratulations, Pokémon fans, we've all been Rickrolled Pikachu-style! The "pirated" upload of the movie even includes 60 seconds of what seems like an actual opening sequence, until it follows up with Pikachu's aerobics routine (which I unashamedly watched the entirety of).

Honestly, this is truly the kind of content we want and need. We bet even Blake Lively liked it better than Reynolds's last promo bit for the film. If you can't find any joy in watching a CGI fluff-monster getting down to a throwback beat and doing the running man, I just don't know what to tell you. Fans pointed out that Pikachu's routine is eerily similar to the one from Key & Peele's Aerobics Meltdown sketch, which prompted Jordan Peele to add his two cents.

The movie hasn't been released yet (it comes out in theaters on May 10), but if it's anything like this "leak," we're pretty sure it's going to be a hit. Enjoy the dancing machine that is Detective Pikachu ahead!

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