Sarah Jessica Parker Misses Carrie Bradshaw but Is Leaving Her in the Past

More than 10 years after ending her role as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO. This time, Parker almost seems to embody the exact opposite of Carrie; in the new show, called Divorce, she's navigating her way through the other side of love: when you fall out of it and when everything unravels. Divorce seems to be more than just a meditation on love, though. In a new interview with Glamour, Parker discusses how the show is working against modern assumptions about marriage. Not only will it push against gender stereotypes, but it will offer a more complete portrait of marriage, and, from the sound of it, will leave Carrie Bradshaw in the past for good.

  • On missing Carrie Bradshaw: "I miss it like the way I miss the birth of my son — you miss a wonderful moment, but you don't have any regrets."
  • On the crumbling relationship on Divorce: "There's a lot of data on this. It used to be [in the 1960s] men were leaving marriages; now it's women. Many women are breadwinners and are the ones making decisions, and it's the men who are filled with chaos. The crazy behavior doesn't feel gender-specific. You can be hysterical as a man, and it doesn't take away your manliness."
  • On the role of booze and friends in marriage: "In vino veritas — liquor brings out a lot of stuff in people. Friends delight in talking about one another's marriages because it makes them feel better. But it's painful to hear. It's that old story of 'I can say whatever I want, but I don't want to hear it from you.'"
  • On having Thomas Haden Church as a costar: "We had done a movie together called Smart People. He hadn't done TV in basically 20 years. But this is how I function: I dream big. I love him. The worst part of the whole thing is that we're getting divorced."