Selena Gomez's Song With Cardi B and Ozuna Is Finally Here, and Yes, She Sings in Spanish

Selena Gomez and Cardi B are the magical musical duo we never knew we needed. On Aug. 24, the musicians revealed they'd been working on a mysterious new project with DJ Snake and Ozuna, and on Thursday night, the single finally dropped. Between Gomez singing in Spanish and the track's energetic beat, you'll definitely be playing this one on repeat.

According to a previous Instagram Story from DJ Snake, the crew also got together to shoot a music video for the song. "I hope you guys like our song," Gomez said in a previous Instagram Story, after what appeared to be an intense video filming session. She seemed thrilled to be working with her "queen" Cardi B, and the rapper returned the compliment by calling Gomez "the sweetest girl in the world." So, when is that music video dropping?

Instagram | djsnake