13 Selena Gomez Music Videos So Sexy, Your Computer Will Overheat

We can't deny that, lately, Selena Gomez likes to play sexy in her music videos — evidence A through Z: "Hands to Myself." Just a few years ago, the singer and actress completely left behind her previous ingenuous image and turned into a total lingerie-wearing bombshell — but that doesn't mean that Selena wasn't serving any hotness before. In fact, she has been this sexy for years, bringing out her sultry looks and camera-seducing moves to go with her catchy songs. Ahead, you'll find our ranking of Selena's hottest clips through the years — and we think you'll agree.

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"Love You Like a Love Song"

Though this song by Selena and the Scene doesn't feature any hot lyrics — it's basically about puppy love — the video does get some sexiness points for Selena's outfits.

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"Hit the Lights"

A more grown-up Selena parties hard.

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"A Year Without Rain"

This is another romantic tune with a touch of sadness, which is made slightly sexy by close-ups of Selena's flowy dress and hair whipping around in the wind.

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This fun video, which premiered for Selena's 21st birthday, features drinking and twerking.

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"Slow Down"

Another Selena video that takes place in a steamy dance party, the singer wears all things skin-baring, including a Britney Spears-inspired crop top.

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While Selena looks super hot in this video, we have to admit it's a little, umm, weird.

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"Kill 'Em With Kindness"

This black and white video is so weirdly sensual. It's probably Selena's backless silk gown and neutral lingerie look . . . and all that incredible toned leg she's showing.

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"Come & Get It"

This video sees Selena frolicking in a field of flowers wearing a black, formfitting gown, in the water wearing red lipstick, and on a cliff wearing a see-through dress.

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"Bad Liar"

Selena's mysterious air in this music video makes her sexy in a coy way.

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"Taki Taki"

The song is sexy. Selena's red-hot outfit is sexy. Her accent while singing in Spanish is sexy. You get the point.

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Selena really likes to feature shower scenes in her music videos and no one is complaining.

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"Good For You"

Watch Selena pantless and in a white t-shirt, naked in the shower, and in a silk robe.

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"Hands to Myself"

"Hands to Myself" has all the elements of a hot fest: a bathtub scene, a sexy stalker, outfits that leave little to the imagination, an underwear dance sequence, and even a few seconds of Selena sensually rolling in bed.