Halsey's 7 Hottest Music Videos Will Make You Sweat — and Blush

Halsey can light up a stage or a red carpet like no one's business, but when it comes to her music videos, rather than aiming for straight-up sex on screen, she tends to want to tell a story — and use a lot of action. We combed through each of her videos to pull her five hottest ones that are more sultry and steamy than the rest. There's a little bit of making out with ex-boyfriend G-Eazy, and a lot of sweet, sweet chemistry with her video costars. Grab a fan before you start scrolling, because it's gonna get a little bit hot in here.

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"Alone" is probably the tamest of Halsey's sexy videos, but she is wearing a bangin' glittery jumpsuit that shows off her body while she dances. Not to mention Stefflon Don looks super hot in her dress as well.

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This video seems pretty tame — it shows Halsey seemingly giddy over a boy — until you realize she's actually crushing on his dad, who is dating her mom. It's a lot of peeping and dancing and swooning over a forbidden romance with an older man.

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"Him & I"

Halsey's video with her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, shows them during a night out in NYC, making out everywhere and hanging all over each other. It's almost more intimate than straight-up sexy, but their chemistry is what lights it up.

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In the video for her song with The Chainsmokers, Halsey spends a lot of time in her underwear, rolling around in bed with Andrew Taggart, of the EDM duo. It gets a bit steamy between them before they inevitably drift apart.

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"Ghost" is one of Halsey's earliest videos, and in it, she's getting very intimate with another woman. Rather than a raunchy romp, the two are soft and reverent with each other, which ultimately makes this sultry song and video Halsey's sexiest of all.

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"Without Me"

The video for "Without Me" tells the story of a couple who falls into a dark yet sexy relationship. The song is rumored to be about her relationship with ex-boyfriend G-Eazy.

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While "Strangers" starts off with footage of Halsey wearing lingerie, it also features the singer facing off against Lauren Jauregui in a bloody boxing match.