Mariah Carey's Sexiest Music Videos Will Have You Feeling LOTS of Emotions

As a young Mariah Carey fan who had completely worn out her copy of Daydream, I vividly remember watching the "Honey" video in 1997 and subsequently having my world rocked.

At 12 years old, I couldn't believe that my precious Mariah Carey — she of frolicking in flowers, riding roller coasters, and crooning on a tire swing at Summer camp — was doing choreography. In a bikini top. With sailors. But by the time the "Heartbreaker" video dropped two years later, I was fully committed to the cleavage-baring, choreographed-dancing Carey. I chopped the waistband off all my jeans and dedicated myself to learning dance moves, which I expertly performed for friends at sleepovers. If this was the "new" Mariah Carey, then dammit, I was going to be "new" too.

Fast-forward to today: Mimi has long been emancipated, and I'll always credit her with helping me feel comfortable expressing my own budding sexuality (however clumsily) and inspiring me to take a pair of scissors to my Bongo jeans. In honor of her everlasting relevance in both my life and the world at large, here are Mariah Carey's hands-down hottest music videos over the years.

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The video that started it all. Carey escapes a hostage situation in this James Bond-themed clip and shows off her figure (and dance moves!) while aboard a ship. She eventually finds her way to a beach, which she promptly rolls around on.

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"My All"

Remember that beach Carey found herself on in the "Honey" video? Well, she may have ended up getting stranded on it in this video — but at least she still looked great!

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One of my personal favorites is the "Breakdown" video, which stars Carey as a cabaret performer and blue-eye-shadow enthusiast. I still live for this one, even two decades later.

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Carey lets it all hang out in this drag-race-inspired video.

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Not only was this video incredibly sexy, but it also gave you storylines, honey! Carey introduces us to her alter ego, Bianca, who has basically stolen her man (played by Jerry O'Connell, LOL). This video made me think I was the hottest b*tch on the block. I'm sure I can still do the choreography, since you were wondering.

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"Heartbreaker (Remix)" feat. Da Brat and Missy Elliot

In this video for her "Heartbreaker" remix, Carey participates in a sexy car wash while on roller skates and throws down with Bianca again.

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"Touch My Body"

Carey plays the beautiful woman in a computer geek's (30 Rock's Jack McBrayer) fantasies. When the video came out in 2008, director Brett Ratner revealed that Mariah wanted to put her "incredible" and "fit" body on display as much as possible in the video after having lost a reported 20 pounds. Spoiler alert: she did it.

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"It's Like That"

The lead single from Carey's hit 2005 album, The Emancipation of Mimi, "It's Like That" shows Carey living it up at her bachelorette party before walking down the aisle with an older man (played by Eric Roberts). Carey's ex-flame (Wentworth Miller) pops up at the bash, and the video ends with a pretty exciting cliffhanger.

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"We Belong Together"

This video picks up where "It's Like That" leaves off and shows Carey reconnecting with Wentworth Miller and leaving her groom at the altar to be with him. Carey writhes around in bed, sizzles in a shower scene, and even wears her real-life dress from her wedding to Tommy Mottola in 1993. Queen of continuity and building a story!

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"I Don't" feat. YG

Carey once again channels an unhappy bride in this steamy video, which was released just a few months after she ended her engagement to billionaire James Packer in October 2016. In the clip, she actually sets fire to the $250,000 Valentino wedding gown that she planned to wear for the couple's wedding. Iconic.

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"Up Out My Face" feat. Nicki Minaj

That's right: before Carey and Nicki Minaj became embroiled in a nasty American Idol feud, the singer and rapper collaborated on a song and dressed up as sexy nurses in the accompanying video.

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"I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" feat. T.I.

Carey is back in a bikini for this sultry video.

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"#Beautiful" feat. Miguel

What, you thought a Mariah Carey and Miguel duet wouldn't have a piping-hot video to go with it?

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The only unsexy thing about this video is Carey's Eminem impression.

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"Shake It Off"

If you haven't watched this video while going through a breakup, you have some homework to do.

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When you need the strength to kick an unworthy man out of your life for good, call on this video right here.

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"A No No"

Carey has the best commute of her life — or anyone's life, honestly — in this video, which sees her strutting around a neon-lit party held inside the subway.