Nola Darling Is Back! Netflix Finally Announces She's Gotta Have It Premiere Date

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She's back, baby! The artist, the lover, the one and only Nola Darling, is officially coming back for season two of She's Gotta Have It on May 24.

The Netflix original series — inspired by Spike Lee's 1986 film of the same name, as well as created and executive produced by the Oscar-winner — will return for another season full of love, black art, and banging music. While the first season introduced us to Nola's world and those of her four lovers, season two sees the free-spirited artist dealing with the polarizing aspects of fame and success. While she struggles with her journey of self-discovery, the lives of her family and friends transform as well, and we're taken for a ride beyond Nola's home base in Fort Greene, Brooklyn as everyone's world is changed by the gentrification that sweeps the neighborhood.

We probably won't get an answer to "Who is Nola Darling" in this season, but we'll definitely have a good time trying to figure it out! Look out for season two of She's Gotta Have It when it hits Netflix on May 24.