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Shows About Cults

20 Creepy, Thrilling, Terrifying, and Just Plain Weird TV Shows About Cults

Shows About Cults
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With their secretive ways, strange beliefs, and conspiracies, it's no wonder that pop culture has a bit of a fascination with cults. In both fiction and the real world, these groups and their leaders are often the center of major scandals and even tragedies. If you're looking for a new true crime niche or just an eerie fictional series, these TV shows about cults are for you.

Uncover the secret histories of some of the most infamous cults, from groups you've heard of in history books to some of the most recent groups to hit the news. Or, if fiction is more your speed, you can dive into carefully constructed mysteries penned by writers who were inspired by all sorts of secretive societies. Keep reading for a full rundown of some of the most intriguing cult-themed programming you can stream now.

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