The Sinner: Season 3 Will Include Your TV Crush Matt Bomer, Plus More Details

If you're a little worn out by the glut of true crime series and movies — or looking for a fictional counterpart to the genre — you definitely need to hear about The Sinner. Airing on USA Network, the crime thriller follows a detective as he investigates cases that inevitably turn out to be far more complicated and dangerous than expected. The show is structured like an anthology, with each season tackling a whole new case and the lead detective being the only connecting thread. After two well-received seasons, USA announced that The Sinner will definitely be returning later this year. Here's what we know so far!

The New and Returning Cast

Bill Pullman is set to return as series protagonist Detective Harry Ambrose, a role he's played in both of the anthology's previous seasons. He'll be joined by Matt Bomer, who makes his return to the USA Network five years after wrapping his breakout series White Collar. This time, Bomer will be tackling the role of Jamie, "an upstanding Dorchester resident and expectant father who looks to Ambrose for support in the wake of an accident," as the network's press release describes him. Further casting will be announced at a later date.

The Plot

Like the previous two seasons, The Sinner's third season will focus on one crime that then unfolds into a much bigger story of secrets and surprises. This time around, Detective Ambrose works on a routine investigation of a fatal car accident just outside the upstate New York town of Dorchester. What begins as an ordinary, if tragic, case soon snowballs into something deeply disturbing and potentially dangerous, as a previously hidden crime comes to light.

The Premiere Date

USA has not yet announced an air date for the third season, but we can probably make a pretty good guess. Both of the previous seasons aired their first episodes in the first week of August, so it seems pretty likely that USA would continue the pattern and kick off season three in August 2019!