Dwayne Johnson Defies Death (and the Laws of Gravity) in the New Skyscraper Trailer

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At this point, I think we're all well aware that if you're in some kind of hostage negotiation crisis, the only person you'd want to save you is Dwayne Johnson. The first clip from the actor's latest action flick, Skyscraper, premiered during the Super Bowl earlier this year, and it's packed with thrills, to say the least. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long to see what else the Rock had in store for us, since the full trailer aired after the big game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

A few more trailers have dropped since then, which see Johnson as Will Ford, a former FBI agent who lost his leg in a mission gone wrong. Now happily married with kids, Will brings his family along for a potential new job as a security analyst for a high-tech skyscraper in China, which also attracts the attention of some brutal thieves. Can he save his family, the building, and his own life?! We'll find out when the movie, which also stars Neve Campbell and Pablo Schreiber, explodes into theaters on July 13.

Trailer 1:

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Super Bowl Teaser: