Bill Hader Shames John Mulaney For Forgetting Names in This SNL Skit, and I Feel Exposed

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When both John Mulaney and Bill Hader show up for Saturday Night Live, you know hilarity is going to ensue. The minds behind SNL's legendary character Stefon reunited on March 2 to play "What's That Name?"

The fake game show starts off pretty simple; everyone knows Chrissy Teigen's name, right? But once the contestants (Mulaney and Cecily Strong) are tasked with remembering the name of their best friend's girlfriend or their wife's bridesmaid, the stakes get higher. I guess the excuse "I'm just not good with names" doesn't cut it here. Watch the full sketch above to see Hader go all-in as a host hellbent on creating chaos. If you feel seen you're not alone — I feel a strong urge to brush up on the names of my acquaintances.