You Have to Meet Anne Hathaway's Latest Love Interest in the Song One Trailer

If you're feeling all warm and fuzzy about Anne Hathaway since we just celebrated classic Hathaway movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and The Princess Diaries, then it's a good time to watch the trailer for her next flick, Song One. The indie drama finds Hathaway as Franny, a young woman who comes home when her brother is in a coma. As she grieves by his bedside, she connects with his favorite musician, a folk singer who happens to be really, really ridiculously good-looking (Johnny Flynn). He sings, they fall for each other, she wrings her hand by her brother's bed — it's a little overwrought, but it is reminiscent of other sentimental and music-heavy romances like Once. If you need any more convincing to watch: Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice wrote original songs for the movie, which comes out Jan. 23.

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