AGT: See the South African Choir's Performance of "Waka Waka" That the Judges Call "Pure Magic"

If you can watch the above clip from America's Got Talent without dissolving into a puddle of happy tears, then I can only assume you're superhuman. In the show's latest episode, a group of performers from South Africa, officially known as the Ndlovu Youth Choir, returned to the stage to sing a lively rendition of "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)," which was originally made famous by Shakira. The choir was led by choirmaster Ralf Schmitt, and it didn't take long for them to blow the judges away.

By the time their performance was over — which included dancing, pounding drums, and spectacular vocals — judge Gabrielle Union described it as "pure magic." Simon Cowell agreed, saying that he "always loves" seeing them perform, saying that he'd bottle their stage presence and "drink it every day" if he could. Watch the Ndlovu Youth Choir belt out "Waka Waka" above, and then check out the young singer who earned Brad Paisley's Golden Buzzer.