These Photos From 1976's A Star Is Born Will Make You Majorly Nostalgic

How do you make a steamy romance movie even better? Just add music! A Star Is Born is being remade for the fourth time — starring the dream team of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper — and from the trailer, we can definitely confirm that the combination of incredible chemistry and musical accompaniment still hasn't gotten old. The movie tells the story of a struggling young singer who falls in love with a famous rockstar, but their relationship becomes strained when her star rises while his starts to dim. While we're counting down the days until the latest remake of A Star Is Born hits theaters, we can't forget the epic 1976 remake that preceded it, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Check out these sexy photos from the 1976 version to get yourself ready for when A Star Is Born returns to theaters on Oct. 5.