How Supreme Leader Snoke Could Be the "Last Jedi" in Star Wars

Now that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is officially in a galaxy not so far away, we're revving up our engines and trying to figure out what will happen next. In January, the official title reveal for the film sent us into overdrive. Upon initial inspection, eagle-eyed fans have noted that the titles form a sentence. Then, of course, there's the larger and simpler looming question: who, exactly, is this last Jedi? Even though we've mostly been looking at the good guys as candidates, one internet theorist has turned to the dark side. Enter Reddit user AnakinKardashian (lol). According to the theory, Supreme Leader Snoke is the last Jedi.

The Strange and Recent Focus on Jedi History

Recent installments of the franchise have been drawing our attention to Jedi history. In Rogue One, we see the planet Jedha, which is where the nature of the Force was first explored and where the Jedi religion was essentially started. In The Force Awakens (this includes the movie and its novelization), we learn that Luke is in search of the original Jedi temple.

OK, So, What Does That Have to Do With Snoke?

It's no secret that Snoke is very, very ancient. In The Force Awakens, he says he witnessed the rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. This means he's been around since the Anakin Skywalker trilogy (Episode I - Episode 3), at the very least. But hey, there's nothing confirming or denying that he's older. It's aso worth noting that Kylo Ren's lightsaber is of a very ancient design. And guess where it came from? Snoke himself. If Snoke's aware of ancient lightsaber designs, his experience could stretch farther back than we think. Plus, his knowledge of lightsabers also would tie him, even if tangentially, to the ancient Jedi Order.

How This Could Tie Into The Last Jedi

AnakinKardashian posits that we could be venturing into Jedi history because the ancient order of the Jedi is much, much different from the Jedi as we know them in the present. "What if what we know as Jedi are not really Jedi after all?" the post asks. "What if Snoke is the last Jedi, in its original form?" If Snoke really is that last living member of the original Jedi order, it connects this new obsession with Jedi history, Snoke's age, Kylo Ren's ancient lightsaber design, and Luke's quest for the first Jedi temple. What's more, if the theory that Snoke appears in Rogue One holds up, it strengthens the argument even more. In the Star Wars universe, anything is possible, right?