Yes, Taron Egerton Is Really Singing in Rocketman, and He Sounds Phenomenal

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Biopics are all the rage right now, and the latest to enter the fray is Rocketman. The Elton John retrospective stars Taron Egerton and chronicles the legendary icon's meteoric rise to stardom. Even when the first teaser rolled around in the Fall of 2018, it was clear that Egerton had positively nailed his performance. The real question, though, was how much help did he have along the way? Is he actually singing and playing piano, or is it some special smoke-and-mirrors Hollywood magic that helps bring everything together? Well, thanks to a new mini featurette, we have at least a partial answer: that's his actual voice after all.

The clip in question shows Egerton singing one of John's most popular songs ever: "Tiny Dancer." Giles Martin, the music producer on the film, said he got John's seal of approval: "Elton said, 'I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing my songs better than Taron.'" Director Dexter Fletcher echoed the sentiments about the young actor. "Taron is actually singing in the film," he said, "and he's so convincing and his voice is incredible." OK, now we're really excited to see him pull off this epic role. Rocketman hits theaters May 31.