Amazon's The Voyeurs Is Packed With Steamy Sex Scenes From Start to Finish

Sexy movies are a genre all their own, and Amazon's new erotic thriller The Voyeurs is packed with NSFW moments so hot you'll need to turn the fan on full blast. The R-rated film tells the story of Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith), a young couple who just graduated college. When the pair move into their first apartment together in Montreal, they quickly realize that the floor-to-ceiling windows give them a full view into their neighbors' apartments, aka front-row seats to all of their most intimate moments. After Pippa becomes obsessed with spying on Julia (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and Seb (Ben Hardy), dark events lead to an unexpected death and an even more haunting truth about what happens when curiosity gets the best of us.

Along with all of its darkness and suspense, The Voyeurs is brimming with seductive scenes that will leave you blushing as you piece together the clues of this twisted mystery. From close-up shots of a shirtless Hardy to a hardcore kitchen-counter sex scene just six minutes into the movie, this film holds nothing back. Check out the timestamps below to know exactly when to expect all of the film's steamiest scenes.

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00:06:00 The NSFW scenes start off early in The Voyeurs when Pippa and Thomas spy their neighbors Seb and Julia having oral sex on their kitchen counter. The scene flicks back and forth between both couples until Julia and Seb's intimate moment becomes even more risqué and Pippa insists they look away.

00:15:25 Piquing Pippa's intrigue (and ours) even more, the camera pans slowly over Seb's shirtless torso until the pair make chilling eye contact and Pippa gasps, shattering a glass on the floor.

00:18:15 While Julia is away, Seb, who is a photographer, invites a model over and snaps topless photos of her. Pippa and Thomas, who recently invested in a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at their neighbors, watch as Seb seduces the woman and has sex with her from behind. As Thomas looks through the binoculars, Pippa asks him to describe what he sees and gives him a handjob. The scene gets even more heated when Pippa grabs the binoculars and asks Thomas to copy Seb. Thomas finishes quickly and Pippa stays on the couch to continue watching Seb.

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00:38:30 In a subtle but sensual twist, Julia walks into Pippa's optometry practice for an eye exam. While nothing risqué happens, the close-up shots of Pippa examining Julia's eyes and turning the knobs on the phoropter definitely play into the film's erotic theme.

00:45:05 The sex in the film is more than just a compilation of clips to get us hot and bothered. It's also a plot device that sheds a light on the darkness within characters like Seb, who frequently convinces women to sleep with him while Julia is away. More often than not, he uses his role as a photographer to coax women into getting undressed in front of him, snapping photos before he pulls them in for a kiss that quickly develops into more.

00:50:33 While Seb is seducing women in his penthouse, Pippa and Julia decide to spend a day at a spa to chat and give each other advice. At one point, the pair step into a hot tub naked and begin discussing Seb. When Julia seems to zone out for a moment, Pippa drifts closer, creating a noticeable tension between them.

00:54:25 Shortly after Seb surprises Julia with a cake for her birthday, he's seen sharing a slice naked in bed with two other women.

01:07:49 After Pippa's plan to tell Julia about Seb cheating on her escalates, the camera catches a glimpse of Pippa getting undressed through a crack in the bathroom door.

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01:18:40 Conflicted about whether she was the cause of Julia's death, Pippa keeps a close eye on Seb and follows him down to the bar located on the first floor of their shared apartment complex after she sees him angrily grieving Julia's passing. Seb joins Pippa at her table, and after a few drinks, she agrees to let him photograph her and follows him back up to his apartment. Using the same tactics as before, Seb convinces Pippa to get fully undressed in front of the camera and does the same under the guise of making her feel more comfortable.

01:22:58 The tension that's been building between the characters finally culminates when Pippa and Seb's conversation turns into a heavy makeout session. Their kisses quickly lead to oral sex and a lengthy clip of Pippa riding Seb on the couch.

From this point on, the steamy film is all thriller. The twist ending was enough to keep us on the edge of our seats until the credits rolled and our minds were completely blown. Watch The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video beginning Sept. 10.

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