Bask in All the '80s Glory of the Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack

The god of thunder is getting a serious glam-rock revamp in Thor: Ragnarok. Not only does this third Thor film add a ton of color and comedy to the franchise, but it also boasts a seriously '80s-tastic soundtrack. With the inclusion of an iconic rock anthem and a glorious motion picture score to match, this album will have you living your best big-hair life. So, once you're done processing that epic cameo, Cate Blanchett's over-the-top villainess performance, and the two postcredit scenes, it's only natural for you to want to put your headphones on and rock the f*ck out.

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"Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin

"Immigrant Song" has featured heavily into Thor: Ragnarok from the very beginning. It was used in the trailers promoting the film, and it plays twice in the movie: once during the first epic battle sequence and once during the final battle sequence. This is, like, the crux of the story, people!

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"In the Face of Evil" by Magic Sword

This is another major song from the promotional trailers! But there's something else to it, too. Since this jam is heavily instrumental, you can absolutely see how it affected the film's original score (included later on). These synthy beats were clearly an inspiration point.

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"Main Title (Golden Ticket/Pure Imagination)" From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Yep. That happened. During a scene that's not unlike Disneyland's Space Mountain ride, Thor learns about the benevolent "Grandmaster" who presides over the trash planet where Thor, Loki, and Hulk are stranded. Given the humor and whimsy that's been injected into the film, it's not surprising at all.

The Motion Picture Score

The Motion Picture Score

  1. Ragnarok Suite
  2. Running Short on Options
  3. Thor: Ragnarok
  4. Weird Things Happen
  5. Twilight of the Gods
  6. Hela vs Asgard
  7. Where am I?
  8. Grandmaster's Chambers
  9. The Vault
  10. No One Escapes
  11. Arena Fight
  12. Where's the Sword?
  13. Go
  14. What Heroes Do
  15. Flashback
  16. Parade
  17. The Revolution Has Begun
  18. Sakaar Chase
  19. Devil's Anus
  20. Asgard Is a People
  21. Where To?
  22. Planet Sakaar
  23. Grandmaster Jam Session