Tidelands: Elsa Pataky's New Netflix Series Looks Like an Addicting Murder Mystery

If you thought the only thing you had to worry about in the water was the Meg, think again. Fast and the Furious's Elsa Pataky stars in Netflix's latest original, Tidelands — an Australian series that promises a tantalizing murder mystery with a dash of the supernatural mixed in.

In the first trailer, above, we meet Cal (Charlotte Best), a young woman returning home to her small hometown village of Orphelin Bay after 10 years in juvenile detention. But her happy homecoming is short-lived when a local fisherman washes up dead onshore, igniting an investigation into the community's secretive group of outcasts, who call themselves "Tidelanders."

Pataky leads the group as the alluring Adrielle Cuthbert, whose tribe is suspected of being half-human, half-Sirens suspected of luring fisherman to their deaths. With Cal and the town's constable (Mattias Inwood) on Adrielle's trail, things are bound to get crazy. Watch the first dazzling trailer above before it arrives on the streaming giant on Dec. 14.