Whoops! Tom Holland Nearly Blows His Cover in This Exclusive Spider-Man "Deleted Scene"

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home is less than a month away, and Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man, came very close to blowing his cover. During Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the actor showed us a "deleted scene" while answering a very important Spiderverse question: what the heck does Peter Parker say when he goes to the laundromat?

Assuming he's constantly busy fighting crime all across New York City, it makes sense that Peter wouldn't have time to do his own laundry. Instead, it looks like he frequents Joe's Fluff 'n' Fold (four times per week, actually) to get his Spidey suit cleaned. But his laundryman, played by Jimmy Kimmel in the new video, has a few more questions for the suspicious, "pajama-wearing" teen. What is with the tentacle-like holes missing from your suit, Peter? Watch the full video here to see how, um, nervously expertly Holland dodges Kimmel's questions.