Watch the Trailer For Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow Comedy

Judd Apatow is back with the Summer comedy Trainwreck, and with comedian Amy Schumer in the lead, this looks like the next great Apatow movie. Schumer (who also wrote the film) plays the kind of character she plays on her Comedy Central sketch show a lot — Amy, a party girl who doesn't quite have it together. While she insists that everything is going great, when Amy meets Aaron (Bill Hader), a sweet, successful guy who actually calls her back, the commitment-phobe has to rethink her stance on settling down. This trailer is laugh-out-loud funny with a couple of cameos that only give away some of the amazing cast (Daniel Radcliffe, LeBron James, and Marisa Tomei also costar); this may be the must-see comedy of the year. Trainwreck comes out July 17, so watch the trailer now.

Watch the red-band trailer:

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