After Demi Came Out to Derek on Paradise, Bachelor Nation Is Applauding Them Both

Fans of The Bachelor likely remember Demi Burnett for her large personality and unapologetic antics on Colton Underwood's season of the reality series. Flash forward to season six of Bachelor in Paradise, and she's the same Demi we know and love, but this time, she's really living her truth. Almost immediately after entering Paradise, Demi and Derek Peth hit it off. They were romantic, smothering each other in kisses, and overall appeared just incredibly comfortable with one another (for example: Derek smelling Demi's armpits). It wasn't until week two that Demi admitted she'd been holding something in and it was eating her alive — she had been dating a woman at home before coming on the show.

Demi first opened up to Tayshia about being fluid and the feelings that she has for the woman at home, but they both knew Demi had to have this conversation with Derek as well, even though she feared it would change the strong bond they'd built. During Tuesday night's episode, Demi and Derek finally sat down to discuss it.

Not only did the conversation go incredibly well, but it also had Bachelor Nation in awe over how raw, mature, and kind they both were. "Derek breezing past the fact that Demi was dating/is still thinking about a WOMAN, and only caring about what another person being on her mind means for their relationship is exactly right," one person wrote on Twitter, with others applauding her for being so vulnerable on national television.

Now that Demi has cleared the air between her and Derek, what is next for the couple? In the preview for this season of Paradise, we see Demi making out with and straddling a mystery woman in what appears to be a fantasy suite. As much as we love to see Demi and Derek both being open and honest with each other, we only want the best for them — whether that means being together or with other people. Cheers to Demi being her most open and authentic self on the show. Watch the conversation, and see how fans are reacting ahead.

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The Video of Demi and Derek's Conversation on Bachelor in Paradise