People Are Sharing Their First Cartoon Crushes on Twitter, and, Wow, the Sheer Accuracy

It's time we acknowledge that cartoons can be hot. Though they may be bred from the mind of illustrators — and might even be an anthropomorphic animal — it's nonetheless a feeling many have likely grappled with. That was recently made apparent by a viral Twitter thread that asked the internet to share their first cartoon crushes.

The thread was started by author Jenna Guillaum, who shared her very relatable picks: Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Sailor Moon's Tuxedo Mask, and even Robin Hood — yes, the fox one. People then began to chime in with inarguable hotties like Jessica Rabbit, Hercules, and Lola Bunny, while others threw out a few . . . unexpected ones! (Max Goof, really? OK, no judgment.)