The First 5 Minutes of The Walking Dead's Season 9 Premiere Reveal So Much

We are mere days away from the premiere of The Walking Dead season nine. It's been a roller coaster of a time getting to this point, and there's a lot happening with our favorite zombie killers, on- and off-screen. The series has a new showrunner in Angela Kang, several faces have joined the cast, and one very familiar face is making its exit at the end of the season. But it's the changes on-screen that we've been anxious to learn more about, and AMC has generously allowed us a peek at the opening minutes of season nine's first episode.

As we already know, the season will jump forward in time following the conclusion of the "All-Out War" arc between Rick Grimes and Negan. Though the trailers for the season alluded to the uprising of a civil war among our favorite communities, it's a big difference from how the season actually opens up. The five minutes we're able to see are calm and serene, almost idyllic if that's possible in a post-apocalyptic era. Rick and company have definitely established a peace that we haven't seen since the prison's heyday or when Alexandria was first introduced to us. There are crops being grown and harvested for various uses, well-established communications between the communicates, and alternate modes of transportation. It may just be horses, but it's still something.

It really looks like Rick might be creating the utopia that Carl envisioned for everyone before he died. However, since we know these are "Rick Grimes's Final Episodes" and that the Whisperers will be making their debut, it's only a matter of time before that peace is ruined. For now, check out the opening minutes of The Walking Dead season nine and try not to think of how badly things are probably going to go in the future.

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