This New Scene From The Walking Dead Narrows Down Negan's Victim to 3 People

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Spoilers for season six and seven below:

Remember that whole "Who did Negan kill?" debate that exploded after The Walking Dead's devastating sixth season finale? Get ready to hear a whole lot more about it. The good folks at AMC debuted a clip from the season seven premiere at New York Comic-Con this weekend, which shows a tense conversation between Rick and Negan in the direct aftermath of the Savior leader's deadly beatdown of an as-yet-unknown member of Rick's crew. Negan taunts Rick with his very bloody bat, Lucille, before launching into a speech about the value of having a "right-hand man," basically insinuating that Rick no longer has one. What's more is that the right side of Rick's face is splattered in blood, indicating that whoever died had to be on his right: Maggie, Abraham, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, and Glenn. He then drags Rick off to the RV, and the camera pans down to the ground, which is covered in the gory remains of whoever died. By analyzing a few key details in that scene (starting around the 3:15 minute mark), it seems like there are three candidates who might have been on the receiving end of Lucille.


One of the first things you see when the camera zooms in on the ground is a gray blanket, which looks an awful lot like the one Daryl is wearing while the group kneels in front of Negan. It stands to reason that if you're getting beaten to death, the blanket around your shoulders might fall off. This would also support the theory about the scenes shot in a first-person perspective from the back of the van in the finale that hint at the victim being either Daryl, Michonne, or Glenn.


Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that in addition to the blanket, the pile of remains contains another familiar object: an engagement ring. Could it be the one Glenn gave to Maggie? Sure seems like it. The ring appears in the bottom right-hand corner at the 3:22 minute mark, which you can see in a close-up here:

Then again, since Maggie is kneeling directly to Rick's right, wouldn't he be covered in a lot more blood? There were a few clues scattered throughout season six that made it seem like she'd be the one to die, but we still can't believe that The Walking Dead would kill off a pregnant woman in such an awful fashion.


There's nothing substantial in the footage to suggest that Glenn dies other than that he's also kneeling on Rick's right. Still, it seems extremely likely thanks to plenty of details in the previous seasons and the fact that he is the one to suffer this fate in the comics.

Regardless of who it ends up being, one thing is certain — this death is going to destroy us.