This Tiny Detail Could Seriously Narrow Down Negan's Possible Victim List

In April, we all realized with horror that The Walking Dead's sixth season would conclude in the way we dreaded most: with a cliffhanger. Now, we've had months to process of our feelings about the finale and to hate-read the showrunners' defense of their decision. There's only one thing left to do. It's time to pick apart and dissect every single detail of the episode, trying to figure out who Negan kills. We've already begun analyzing every frame of Negan's "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" game, but there's another small detail that's seriously giving us something to consider.


The most crucial thing to consider about the finale is the common use of the first-person point of view. The very first shot of the episode has been captured from this angle. We look through the eyes of someone who is bathed in darkness. Streaks of light pour in through the cracks of whatever receptacle this person has been imprisoned in. The use of this camera angle is unique in and of itself. It hardly ever pops up in modern television or cinema.

The Walking Dead has never really employed it as a storytelling device, so the fact that the first shot of the finale is from the first-person POV is already a major hint. Not only does the moment signal the weight and importance of first-person shots throughout the finale, but it alludes to the very last shot of the episode as well: a look through the eyes of Negan's victim as he prepares to brutally beat them to death.


These first-person shots occur four separate times. The first is the opening shot of the episode. The second is the same, dark, confusing shot, about halfway through. The third time, though, is where it really gets interesting.

After the Saviors have captured Rick and the gang, they proceed to merge the group with the other prisoners they've already taken captive. We know from the previous episode that they have Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn. In this moment, we realize that all the previous first-person shots have been coming from inside the van. We've been seeing the floodlights as they shine through the doors. For one brief moment, when the doors fly open, we get a very vague sense of whose eyes we might be looking through.


Let's break it down. There are a few very choice things to be aware of in this shot. For one, we can only see the passenger side's wall of the van. In fact, even when the light is shining through that center crack — presumably the meeting spot for the van's two swinging doors — it's slightly off-center. This has us thinking we're looking through the eyes of someone who's on the passenger side of the van.

There's another thing to notice as the doors open: there's a head just in front of this person. That must mean they're further back. The next shot pulls us out of first person; we're seeing inside the van as the Saviors drag out their captives.


It's hard to say for sure, but it really looks like Michonne's at the back of the van's trunk, on the passenger side. Can you connect the dots? If we've been looking through Michonne's eyes for the entirety of the episode, there's a very strong possibility it's Michonne who dies at the hands of Negan. Now, even if you don't think we're seeing things through Michonne's eyes, there's still a striking point to consider.

There has to be a significance to all the first-person shots throughout the episode. If they all occur in the van, right up until we're looking directly at the barbed-wire-wrapped end of Lucille, it can't just be a coincidence. The showrunners can't just be throwing in those previous shots for the sake of it. There's an incredibly high possibility that Negan's victim is one of the four inhabitants of the van. That leaves Michonne, Rosita, Glenn, and Daryl. Who could it be?!

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