This Westworld Q&A Session Got So Awkward, It Was Literally Shut Down After 1 Question

A Westworld audience Q&A session at the Tribeca Film Festival came to an abrupt and cringe-worthy end when one fan in the crowd proved to be the ultimate microphone hog. After the cast and creators of the HBO series had a panel-like discussion about the highly anticipated second season, the moderator opened the floor for audience members to ask their own questions. And that's when the mic hog stole the spotlight, inciting a round of boos from everyone else in the crowd.

As pointed out by The A.V. Club, the audience member began by rattling off a semiconfusing array of praise for the "amazing" show and noting how "thrilled" he was to be at the panel. As he continued to ramble on, the Westworld stars on stage looked visibly bewildered (especially Thandie Newton, whose extremely furrowed brow was just the cherry on top of the awkward situation).

As if that wasn't bad enough, the crowd member then singled out the show's cocreator Jonathan Nolan and suggested that he read the screenplay he wrote with his brother. The auditorium practically burst into an onslaught of boos at the dude's shameless self-promotion, which prompted him to suddenly end his "question" by exclaiming, "Have a great night everybody; this was wonderful!" The moderator then decided to end the Q&A session right then and there, likely due to an overdose of secondhand embarrassment.

Watch the uncomfortable moment unfold in the video above, starting around the 49-minute mark, and then read up on everything we know about season two of Westworld so far.