Is Taylor Swift Teasing Her 7th Album? Her Cryptic Instagram Post Has Fans Going Crazy

Brace yourself, Swifties, because it seems like new Taylor Swift music is coming! While the singer has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since she wrapped up her Reputation stadium tour last year — save for a few under-the-radar appearances with boyfriend Joe Alwyn — she has been staying active on social media with photos of her cats and photos of her filming the movie Cats. One post in particular, however, has fans going into overdrive with theories about a new album.

On Feb. 24, Swift posted a cryptic photo of palm trees with a starry filter. While it seemed harmless, fans couldn't help but notice her caption had seven palm tree emoji, as in a possible nod to a seventh album. Rumors of her upcoming album have been swirling for a while now. Last Summer, Swift made multiple trips to the studio, and at the Billboard Music Awards in October, she casually confirmed that the "next chapter" in her career is in the works. Not to mention, Swift said she would be releasing another album before she turns 30. Since she turns 30 on Dec. 13, that means we could be getting new music THIS year!

Until Swift gives us the official confirmation, let's break down what that palm tree Instagram post could mean for the new Taylor Swift era!


It's the Theme of Her New Album

Swift has already teased that her new album is in the works, and her post could be a clue to the theme. Just before announcing her sixth album in 2017, Swift posted a mysterious series of snake videos on social media signaling her darker Reputation era.

On the flip side, the palm trees and stars seem to signal that Swift is taking a lighter approach for her next album. As many fans pointed out, a palm branch symbolizes "victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life." As you'll recall, Swift had the word "eternal" stitched on her dress when she attended the Billboard Music Awards in 2018.

Perhaps after "the death of her reputation," Swift is alluding that her next album will be all about her rising from the ashes and finding peace in her new self. In fact, Swift alluded to the palm trees quite a few times during her Reputation era, including her outfit in her "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, her "End Game" music video, and her artwork for Reputation.


It's the Release Date of Her First Single

OK, so this is where things get a little complicated. Some fans seem to think Swift's post is actually the release date for her first single on the new album. If you look closely enough, there is a number three highlighted in the trees on the right and a number five highlighted in the middle, which could mean we'll be getting new music on March 5.

Alternatively, fans think the palm trees could signal when Swift will start doing promotion for her upcoming album. In her 2019 calendar, specific dates are marked with a stamp, including April 13. While we know 13 happens to be Swift's lucky number, April 14 is actually Palm Sunday. And if you look at the amount of palm trees in the photo, there are four palm trees on the left, one in the middle, and two on the left. Put that all together and you get 4/12. Maybe an announcement on April 12, a single release on April 13, and a music video on April 14?


She's Going Back to Her Roots

The amount of palm trees in the photo could also be a clue that Swift is going back to her roots for her upcoming album, or at least combining "the old Taylor Swift" with the new one. On the left side, there are four palm trees signaling Swift's four country albums, Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, and Red. On the right side, there are two palm trees signaling Swift's two pop albums, 1989 and Reputation. In the middle, however, there is one big palm tree, which could signal her seventh album.


She's Playing Coachella

Of course, it's possible that Swift's post isn't about her new album at all. Based on the dates and the palm trees, fans are wondering if Swift is subtly announcing that she's playing at Coachella this year. The festival takes place in Coachella Valley, which is near Palm Springs, and this year, the festival will start on April 12, the date she seemed to allude to in her post.

Whew! *rubs temples* I think I need to lie down after all that.


It's a Countdown

Following a few of Swift's recent posts, fans are now convinced the singer is counting down to something. After posting the photo with seven palm trees, Swift shared a photo of her sitting on the sixth step of a staircase. The next day, she posted a photo of her looking through a fence with five holes. Not to mention all the photos have a similar dreamy filter on them. If this theory is true, we could be getting some news very soon!