Why Lady Gaga's New Song Is Almost Certainly About American Horror Story Season 6

Lady Gaga released "Perfect Illusion" on Friday, and whether it's your jam or not, you may be wondering something: what, or who, is it actually about? It's her first new pop song in years, and if you take her personal life into consideration, the lyrics are quite interesting. It's about a romance that all turns out to be a facade, aka a "perfect illusion." Here's the chorus:

"It wasn't love, it wasn't love
It was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion)
Mistaken for love, it wasn't love
It was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion)
You were a perfect illusion

The first and most obvious option to explore is Gaga's love life. Gaga and her fiancé, Taylor Kinney, broke up in July, but their relationship seemed incredibly genuine. After the news broke, Gaga even Instagrammed a picture of the two with a hopeful caption.

Doesn't sound like "Perfect Illusion" material, does it? However, in the wake of the breakup, rumors surfaced that there had been cheating on both sides of the relationship. Neither Gaga nor Kinney have justified them with a statement, likely because they're not true. Let's move onto the next option.

The day the single dropped, a new promo for American Horror Story was also released. There have been dozens of teasers for the new season, but this one stitches them all together, making it feel like the final trailer. Not only is Lady Gaga returning to star on the new season, but "Perfect Illusion" is playing in this ultimate teaser. The video is titled "Illusion" and FX's official tagline for the upload is, "Has it all been a Perfect Illusion? The truth is revealed Wednesday." Check it out.

This means that the song might not be about a relationship at all; it might just be for the show. The theme for American Horror Story's sixth season hasn't been revealed, and FX Networks CEO John Landgraf confirmed in August that only one of the teasers the network has released for the new season actually corresponds to the new theme. In other words, all the others are just a perfect illusion.

The song's lyrics do seem uncannily pointed at a romantic relationship, but evidence dictates that "Perfect Illusion" is about American Horror Story season six. At the very least, it happens to fit perfectly with the show's promotion tactics.