Brenda Song Uncovers a Horrifying Truth in the Trailer For Netflix's Secret Obsession

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As if being brutally attacked at a rest stop, going into a coma, and losing her memories wasn't enough trauma to deal with, newlywed Jennifer — played by Station 19's Brenda Song — is about to discover just how sinister her new "husband" really is.

In the trailer for Netflix's Secret Obsession, we meet Jennifer as she begins healing from her injuries with the help of her caring husband, Russel (Mike Vogel). The only problem? She can't remember him, their wedding, or the home they now share. Russell assures Jennifer that her memories will return, but what if he doesn't actually want them to? When a detective (Dennis Haysbert) starts looking into the assailant who attacked Jennifer, it soon becomes clear that her hubby is actually her captor.

Watch the chilling trailer for the film above before it begins streaming on Netflix on July 18.