Dustin and Suzie’s Duet in Stranger Things Season 3 Deserves to Go to the Top of the Charts

Spoilers for Stranger Things season three lurking ahead, FYI.

Stranger Things season three gives us a lot to love: the nonstop bickering between Steve and Robin, Erica's one-liners, Hopper and Joyce's sexual tension, exploding rats . . . the list goes on. But at the top of my own personal list of favorite moments from the third outing of Netflix's sci-fi hit is the duet at the very end of the season between Dustin and his new, totally real girlfriend, Suzie.

We hear all about the girlfriend Dustin met while attending his sleep-away science camp, Camp Know Where, pretty much as soon as he returns home. According to Dustin, she's crazy smart, hotter than '80s icon Phoebe Cates, and doesn't mind that his teeth haven't fully grown in yet. The only catch is that she lives in Utah with a very strict Mormon family who would never approve of their relationship, so they have to speak in secret. He has his friends lug his heavy ham radio equipment up the tallest hill in Hawkins so he can introduce her to the group, but she doesn't respond. Does she actually exist, or nah?!

In season three's final episode, "The Battle of Starcourt," Hopper and Joyce end up needing the numbers in Planck's constant (a physical constant that has to do with electromagnetic action) to break into a secret underground Russian lab. Suzie is the only person Dustin can think of who would know it, so he and Erica race back up the hill to get her on the radio. This time she answers — she exists! — and although she does give them the number, she first forces her "Dusty-bun" to sing a duet of The Neverending Story's theme song with her.

No, "NeverEnding Story" by British singer Limahl isn't as heartbreaking or emotional as the song that plays in the season's final montage, but it's still glorious. Considering actor Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, got his start on Broadway, it's no surprise that he has quite the set of pipes (for the record, so does his costar Millie Bobby Brown). As we all wait for Dustin and Suzie's version of the song to climb the charts, listen to the original ahead.

The original NeverEnding Story theme song by Limahl: