Kelly Clarkson Covered "9 to 5" to Prep For Her New Talk Show — Watch Her Performance!

Kelly Clarkson is working hard to bring The Kelly Clarkson Show to life, and she's already off to a good start with this homage to Dolly Parton's iconic jam "9 to 5." To prep for the show's debut on Monday, Sept. 9, the new host dons a few different work caps with the help of her fellow working women. The 37-year-old shows off her angelic vocals as she goes from being a car mechanic, to a waitress, a firefighter, and a police officer.

It's obvious that Clarkson is instilling her lively energy into her talk show and we're into it! When the show was announced back in September 2018, the musician revealed that it would air right before The Ellen DeGeneres Show — which is basically the perfect combination. She also shared that the show will be very music oriented and she'd be join by the same band that goes on tour with her.

"We sing every day on the show and do this fan request thing — it's really fun," Clarkson said. "On the pilot, I got people to sing with me and do a little skit. It's very musical."

If you don't already have The Kelly Clarkson Show on your must-watch list, you'll definitely want to check it out on Sept. 9!