Gird Your Loins: Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 Will Take a Bite Out of Netflix in March

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Those with weak stomachs should avert their eyes, since Netflix's goriest original comedy — Santa Clarita Diet — is coming back for a third, blood-splattered season. What's more? The series will return sooner than you think!

On Thursday, Netflix announced that the Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant show, which follows the Hammond family after matriarch Sheila (Barrymore) becomes a zombie, will hit the streaming giant on March 29. The date announcement features a video that sees The Hammonds, particularly Sheila and husband Joel (Olyphant), struggling with "the prospect of forever." Although it's been made abundantly clear thus far in the show that Sheila and Joel will do just about anything for each other (including literally eating anyone who threatens their livelihoods), maybe Joel's patience for his wife's, uh, affliction, has finally run out.

Check out the new video above, then catch up on one of the most intriguing theories about the show here.