You Can Stream Your Hallmark Movie Faves — but There's a Catch

Hallmark original movies aren't just a treasured part of the holiday season — they're also a year-round delight. With movies for every season and every holiday imaginable, there's always a new rom-com debuting on the channel. If you have cable, it's easy to tune in each time a new movie appears (or an old favorite is scheduled for a repeat). Hallmark also releases a handful of their movies on DVD, for the old-school among us. But if you look for Hallmark's movies on Netflix, you'll come up empty-handed. Where can you stream their library of movies — or can you at all?

The only option available at the moment is Hallmark Movies Now, a Prime Video channel on Amazon Prime. But there are a couple of catches. The first: Hallmark Movies Now is not included with a basic Amazon Prime subscription; it costs an extra $6 per month. The other catch? Not all Hallmark movies are on the platform: in particular, each season's new movies don't tend to show up for a while. Some movies are available for individual purchase, as well. So if you're on the hunt for a particular Hallmark movie or your favorite Hallmark actor, you'll have to check and see if it's been released for streaming, for purchase, or hasn't appeared quite yet.