Hobbs and Shaw: 3 Celebrity Cameos We Didn't See Coming, but Totally Should Have

Warning: spoilers for Hobbs and Shaw ahead!

The first Fast and the Furious spinoff is finally here, and Hobbs and Shaw definitely delivered. We already knew that it was going to be jam-packed with action — and amazing music — based off the trailer alone, but we definitely weren't ready for the two celebrity cameos Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham had in store for us. While Johnson did confirm the cameo rumors during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he failed to mention any names. Well, we finally got our answer, and honestly, we should have seen this coming.

Ryan Reynolds
Getty | Michael Stewart

Ryan Reynolds

The 42-year-old actor makes a surprise appearance early on in the film as CIA agent Locke. Locke and Hobbs have quite the history and Locke even believes the two are best friends, despite the fact that Hobbs can hardly stand him. However, it seems like Locke may not be the complete fool he lets on to be and is actually pretty smart. After all, he did stab a guy with a brick.

So, why should we have seen this cameo coming? Well, not only did Hobbs and Shaw director David Leitch work with Reynolds in Deadpool 2, but Johnson and Reynolds are also friends and are starring together in Netflix's upcoming project Red Notice.

"We had that exposition of the virus, and I called him and said, 'Hey, I have this scene, it's stuffy exposition, plot stuff, so would you consider coming in and let's make it fun?'" Leitch explained to SYFY Wire about how Reynolds's role came to be. "I sent him the pages and he added the special Ryan dust. Hopefully we can spin [him] out into more episodes of Hobbs and Shaw." Yes, please!

Kevin Hart
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Kevin Hart

The 40-year-old comedian brings on the laughs as Air Marshal Dinkley. He meets Hobbs and Shaw during their flight overseas and claims to be a military vet, though Hobbs and Shaw don't seem to take him too seriously. OK, this one really shouldn't have come as a surprise, right? In addition to starring in Central Intelligence and the Jumanji franchise together, Hart and Johnson have developed quite the bromance over the past few years.

Statham recently talked to IGN about his hilarious scene with Hart, referring to it as "an incredibly funny moment." "One of the hardest things is just to retain your composure," he said. "I was struggling intensely for literally the whole day because this is a guy who comes with his own bag of tricks and you don't know what he's gonna say and it's not scripted. It's scripted in his head and it makes it the most difficult thing to try and retain your composure because you're supposed to have this look of disdain for this guy and it's quite the opposite, which is literally holding our sides."

Rob Delaney
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Rob Delaney

The comedian and Catastrophe star appears around the same time as Reynolds, popping up as CIA Agent Loeb. Rather than having to convince Hobbs of the new mission, he's tasked with swaying Shaw to help out (right after he visits his mother in prison, we might add — Loeb apparently isn't great at timing!).

While he might not be as recognizable as Reynolds and Hart, his appearance in the film shouldn't come as a surprise, either — he costarred with Reynolds in Deadpool 2, which was directed by Hobbs and Shaw's David Leitch. It all comes full circle!