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Which Horror Villain Are You Based on Zodiac?

Wonder Which Horror Movie Villain Is Your Alter Ego? See What the Zodiac Has to Say

Which Horror Villain Are You Based on Zodiac?
Image Source: Everett Collection

Sure, most of us don't flat-out identify with horror movie villains, but the best evil characters do have rich, memorable personalities that may resonate with even the most innocent among us. After all, it's hard to deny Pennywise's bold, distinct flair or Michael Myers' air of mystery! If you've ever low-key feel seen by a horror icon, you may find the reason written in the stars. For a good helping of spooky fun, we've matched up 12 classic horror movie monsters and killers with the signs of the zodiac. Curious about who your evil alter ego is? Read ahead to discover what your horoscope has to say, but don't read too much into the villainous madness!

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