The Bachelor: Well, Obviously We Need to Talk About Catherine

Krystal, Courtney, Tierra, Vienna, and who could forget Chad? This group of past villains from The Bachelor may be joined by a new name from Colton Underwood's season: Catherine Agro. The 26-year-old Florida native is already rubbing a few fellow contestants the wrong way in the Bachelor Mansion. We don't know exactly how this season will play out or whether she and Underwood will make a lasting love connection, but we do know a little bit about Catherine already.

According to her Bachelor bio, Catherine is a commercial real estate agent by day, but by night, the gorgeous blonde is an aspiring DJ who goes by the name of DJ Agro. She's a rising star on the Fort Lauderdale club scene, so clearly she loves a good party. The only thing Catherine may adore more than beats is her constant companion and "dog daughter," Lucy. She's also apparently involved in cannabis consulting, as she links to the company Jade Green on her private Instagram account. This may or may not be a boon for Underwood, but only time will tell! Guess we'll have to stay tuned.

In the meantime, we can nod our heads and say "me too" about Catherine's choice for her favorite author (Dr. Seuss) and ruminate over why she likens herself to a Ferrari in her bio. Does she think she's fast, sleek, and envy-inducing? Is that why she is the villain of the virgin Bachelor's season? So many questions! How can we wait until next week to find out more? Deep breath. It's going to be one dramatic season with Catherine on the scene!