7 Things to Know Before You Judge Chad, The Bachelorette's Muscular Villain

When it comes to The Bachelorette, every season needs a villain, and this year, Chad has all but assigned himself the position. JoJo's contestants have already declared their distaste for the overconfident luxury real estate agent from Oklahoma. But who is this mysterious meat-lover? Though, spoiler alert, JoJo dismissed him on this week's episode, he's not done with the show yet; just watch the preview for the next episode. Still, here's what you need to know about the guy before you judge him too harshly.


The Basics

His full name is Chad Johnson, he's 28 years old, and he's from Tulsa, OK.


He's All About Social Media

You can follow Chad on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and his Snapchat username is REALCHADJOHNSON.


His Dog Is Actually Really Cute

He really did inherit a dog from his mother, and she's adorable.


He's a Veteran

While some people list their careers as "veteran," Chad is a veteran who just happens to sell real estate now. Also, this caption is a solid campaign not to hate him.


His Muscles Are Even Crazier Than They Appear

He's gonna bust a vein if he's not careful. Is that a thing?


He Has the Closet of Your Dreams

What the actual hell.


He Might Be an Evil Genius

Chad bought the domain names of his enemies from the show (derekpeth.com, robbyhayes.com, chasemcnary.com and alexwoytkiw.com) and programmed them to reroute to his Instagram page. Try it. It'll go to his Instagram, I promise.


But At Least He Can Make Fun of Himself

After this week's episode, Chad is Enemy No. 1, but at least he knows it and is kind of embracing it. Do we like Chad now??