Game of Thrones Dropped a Hint About Varys's Letters That You Might’ve Missed

Warning: Major spoilers for Game of Thrones follow!

As multiple storylines come together for the Game of Thrones series finale, we're left with a number of burning questions, particularly about the events surrounding Lord Varys's death. The fifth episode of season eight opens on the Master of Whisperers in his chambers composing a letter to an unknown party. Based on the words visible as he writes, we can assume he's contacting someone about Jon Snow's status as a Targaryen and his right to the Iron Throne. With Varys's loyalty to Daenerys crumbling over the past two episodes, it's no surprise that he's sharing the secret with the rest of the world. He practically confesses as much in the previous episode, "The Last of the Starks," when he asks Tyrion how many others know of Jon's birthright. When Tyrion answers "Eight," Varys responds, "Well, it's not a secret anymore. It's information." And no one does more with the information he's dealt than the man sometimes known as the Spider for his vast web of contacts.

But who has Varys told? Clearly, he succeeds in sending at least one of the letters he's written since we see him in his chambers twice. The first time is during the day, and although one of his little birds interrupts him, he simply sets the letter aside with the intention of completing it after their chat. The second time we see him, it's at night, and he burns the letter — presumably so intruders aren't able to read note's contents — as he hears soldiers marching toward his door. But the question still remains, who is Varys contacting?

A possible theory is that he's corresponding with the new Prince of Dorne. Again, in the previous episode, Varys attempts to warn Daenerys about storming into King's Landing with fire and brimstone in retaliation for the loss of Missandei and her dragon, Rhaegal, and mentions she has the support of the new Prince of Dorne. This latter point seems inconsequential at the time, but it could be a hint that he's been contacting the prince for assistance. This wouldn't be the first time he's called on the Dornish. He did so for Daenerys in season six regarding military aide to assist in the Battle of the Goldroad. Moreover, this would make strategic sense, especially if the prince is a member of House Martell, who are the traditional allies of House Targaryen — the true bloodline of Varys's new pick for king, Jon Snow.

Other possible recipients for the Spider's correspondence include the Vale of Arryn, a region of the Seven Kingdoms that has come to Sansa's aide in the past and who may support the idea of Jon Snow on the throne. As would Edmure and the lords of Riverrun who came to Jon's aide for the Battle of the Bastards in the days following Jaime Lannister taking control of their main stronghold. Yara Greyjoy would also be another viable possibility since we know she's successfully taken control of the Iron Islands and that she's a true ally to Theon Greyjoy, who is basically Jon Snow's adoptive brother. Lastly, Varys could be sending his letter to the newly installed Lord of Storm's End, Gendry Baratheon. Our favorite former blacksmith would definitely rally the support of the Northmen who are already desperate to install Jon as king.

What exactly unfolds as a result of Varys's letters and who specifically received them remains to be seen, but we can be sure that his words will have a profound effect on who succeeds in gaining control of the Seven Kingdoms.