Evan Peters's Shocking American Horror Story: Roanoke Role Has Been Revealed!

American Horror Story: Roanoke has hit its stride! We've got the theme, Roanoke, the location, the characters . . . the only thing missing was Evan Peters — that is, until this week's fifth episode. On Wednesday, creator Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter that Peters would make his Roanoke debut, and he wasn't misleading us! While we had theorized that he may be playing the "real" version of the red-headed police officer, the pig-headed man, or the grown version of the Antichrist baby from season one, Peters is actually playing — drum roll please — Edward Phillipe Mott! He's the original owner of the haunted home. An avid art collector, Mott left his family to live in the country with his male lover/servant. Unfortunately, he ends up with a pole through his chest (courtesy of The Butcher and her people) and must roam the estate with the rest of the lost souls.

Not only is it a shocking new look for Peters (the wig suits him), but the character is also a link between this season and Freak Show. Several weeks ago, Ryan Murphy revealed that we'd get the story of the Mott family in season six, and while we can assume that Edward is a great-, great-, great-grand-relative of Gloria and Dandy, we'll hopefully get more information about how everything ties together.

— Additional reporting by Maggie Pehanick