We've Officially Got a Lock on Terry Crews's Character in Deadpool 2

Ladies and gents, it's time to get freaky with Deadpool 2, and we're honing in on all the exciting details and the gripping trailers. But when it comes to the follow-up for the 2016 film, there's another exciting aspect to consider: the new cast! Sure, we're interested to see how Josh Brolin fares as the villain Cable, but right now, we're taking a look at the good guys. More specifically, we're focusing on one cast addition that's been kept a bit under wraps: Terry Crews!

In the final trailer for the film, we finally get our first prolonged glimpse at Crews (and his character) in the flesh. The actor will be portraying the role of Bedlam; he joined the Deadpool comics in 1995, and his initial mutant ability is to blast out an electromagnetic field that would thwart technology around him. According to his official Marvel bio, he can also "affect the electro-chemical responses of a living brain to induce states such as pain or sleep, generate electromagnetic pulses, and track others by their unique bio-emp signature." Sounds pretty powerful. The Marvel site also notes that he has "the complete memories of a martial arts student, and was also trained in covert operations," which explains how he so ruthlessly pummels someone in the trailer.

Of course, when it comes to the cinematic version of the character, we may want to prep ourselves for some changes. After all, superhero movies tend to bend and twist their comic book source material to best fit an onscreen narrative. And, since we don't get any indication of Bedlam's telekinetic powers in the trailers, there's always the slim chance they may not come in to play at all. Luckily, it won't be long before the truth rises to the surface.