Who Are Joey's Wife and Kids? He Has a Pretty Full House

Fuller House returned for season two this weekend and aside from amping up the nostalgia, it also answers a few of our burning questions from last season. Not only does D.J. finally make a decision between the two men in her life, but we also learned who Joey is married to, and let's just say, his family proved to be just as wacky as him.

It all goes down in the Thanksgiving episode, when the entire gang returns to the Tanner family house for the holiday. Even though Joey is originally stuck in Las Vegas, he surprises everyone by showing up with his wife, Ginger (Laura Bell Bundy), and their four kids. Not only is his wife a magician, but their two sons and two daughters are working on being a musical act, "The Gladstone Four." They may seem adorable at first, but they turn out to be absolute terrors, as they wreck havoc the entire episode. Looks like Joey has his hands pretty full these days, pun intended.