Kristina Schulman’s Second Go on Bachelor in Paradise Might Be Just as Dramatic as the First

When Kristina Schulman didn't find love on The Bachelor season 21, she moved on to Bachelor in Paradise season four. At first, things went well with her love interest Dean Unglert, but it quickly went downhill. Now she's back in Paradise for season six, and the drama is apparent from the first episode.

Kristina was seeing Blake Hortsmann before heading to the Mexican resort, at what appears to be the same time he was dating Caelynn Miller-Keyes. It sounds like Blake has a lot of explaining to do, and it's bound to make for an interesting season. So to make sure you're caught up on all parties, here's everything you need to know about Kristina.


She Was Born in Russia

Kristina spent her early childhood in the country before she was adopted and moved to Lexington, KY.


She’s a Dental Hygienist

You didn't think those pearly whites were just luck, did you? It's unclear if Kristina is still a dental hygienist, but she's been upping her Instagram influencer status.


She Relocated to Los Angeles

It looks like her Russian-Southern accent, as Kristina describes it, just might morph into a Russian-Southern-Cali-girl accent.


She’s a Total Animal-Lover

Kristina is a dog and cat person — she has one of each fur baby!


She Stands at a Petite 5’2”

It's a good thing her favorite designer is herself, because she's guaranteed to make something work.


She Likes Receiving Roses Almost as She Likes Rosé

Hey, Kristina! Can we come with you on your next wine-tasting adventure?


She Never Seems to Stop Traveling

From the Bahamas to the Maldives to wherever else she can book a flight, Kristina is everywhere! The man who snags this woman is going to have to keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle.


She Makes Time to Get a Workout In

Her motivation? The show American Ninja Warrior! You try to see fit contestants swinging through rope courses without being inspired.


Her Favorite Actress Is Meryl Streep

We agree with Kristina when she says that Meryl can adopt to any character and do a wonderful job.


She’s an Old Soul

Through Kristina's tough times on reality TV, you can see that she is a beautiful person with a sweet personality. Hopefully she finds a soul that fits with hers!